Debra Woolard Bender

Debi lives in Orlando, Florida, and is a poet, artist and the webmistress of 'Paper Lanterns'

She is also Editor-in-Chief for the
World Haiku Club

Debi's work can be viewed online at WHCreview, tanka@onelist, Shiki archives & allthingsasian, Poetry in the Light, The Heron's Nest, Interactive Photo-Haiku # 1, Interactive Photo Haiku # 2, Lynx, 3rd Muse, haikumania, Charnwood Arts, Poetry in the Wordshop, Free Times, Haiku & Senryu Harvest, Haiku Poet's Hut, Global Vision Platform: Intercultural@Platform, Pennine Poetry Worm, Renga, Moveo Anelus, Haiku Dawn, HAIGA Online (past issues), 'haiga online' (current issue), American tanka (not online), and Cliff & Fippie tinwhistle Haiku.

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