Allen Teridman

I am a retired psychiatrist, retired since 1994.  I am 70 years old.  and have been writing haiku, tanka and haibun for the last 3 or 4 years.  In my early years before medical school, I did write some poetry and non-fiction.

Three years ago, I took a poetry writing workshop at
Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY.  I met Sylvia Forges Ryan who introduced me to haiku, and  help me begin.   I subsequently joined the 'HSA and TSA', then began going to meetings and workshops.  I was very fortunate to meet Pamela Miller Ness, and Stanford Forrester. They have sort of become my mentors, and are now my friends.  I attend Tanka Cafe in Grand Central Station in NYC which Pamela leads; I attend 'Hi-LO', Stan's monthly workshop in Connecticut.  I also know Michael Welch who has been very helpful to me in his comments about my writing.

I have had work published in several journals, including ' Wild Flowers, New Leaves, Bottle Rockets, The Tanka Journal of Japan (of the
Nhion Kajin Club)', and several anthologies.

Recently, I was the 'editor's choice' for publication of a
haiku trilogy and review of the "World Haiku Club" edited by Susumu Takiguchi.  My second book 'A Scent of Lilacs' published by Swamp Press, was released in March.  It's 41 haiku and tanka with illustrations; the topic is aging and retirement.

I feel that poetry writing is my second profession-one of later life.  I am married, have 3 children, and 5 grandchildren.  ---

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