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Traditional Haiga

From the beginning, Haigaonline's signature feature has been the Traditional Haiga section, with collaborative haiga by our resident staff and invited guests. In our previous issue we announced that due to loss of staff there would be major changes in this section, but we're delighted to keep Haiku This Haiga going for one more issue with a painting by our long-time resident artist, Mary Rodning. We offered Mary's painting of Pitcher plant (Sarracenia leucophylla) and Sundew (Drosera), Both are North American carniverous species from the Splinter Hill Bog Preserve, which is not far from Mary's home in Mobile County, Alabama. Five authors submitted haiku for the image. You may read the full set of submissions by clicking thie thumbnail tp the left.

The haiku we've chosen for the haiga is by Angela Terry. Click on the thumbnail to the right for the haiga.

dead end road—
the choices
each of us make


Editor's Note: Due to changes in the situation of our resident staff, Haiku this Haiga will be on temporary hiatus after this issue. We are committed to our Traditional Haiga section and are rethinking how it will look in future issues. Many thanks to everyone who has submitted to this our signature section over the years.