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Time and Space: Past, Present and Future
by Adelaide B. Shaw

Adelaide lives in Somers, NY. She has three children and six grandchildren. Her haiku, tanka, haibun, and photo haiga have been published widely. She also writes children's fiction and has had her children's stories published in different anthologies. Her award winning collection of haiku, "An Unknown Road," is now available on Kindle, while her collection of haiku, ”The Distance I’ve Come,” is on Amazon and Cyberwit. More of her poetry is on her blog, "White Petals".  Of her portfolio for our current issue, she writes

With more past behind me than future ahead of me, I have come to appreciate the present, even if not perfect. Time can wrap our memories in gauze, blurring both that which was painful and joyful. We may embellish the joy and bury the painful, but are we wrong if this blurring gets us through the present and gives us hope for the future? The past, present and possible future as depicted in these photo haiga may or may not be accurate, but, who’s to say I’m wrong?

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