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Traditional Haiga

From the beginning, Haigaonline's signature feature has been the Traditional Haiga section. Here we feature multimedia haiga by our resident staff. Mary B. Rodning paints the image; Hiromi Inoue translates the haiku into Japanese; Shisen adds the calligraphy; Seiso creates a musical setting for bamboo flute, and finally, Jasminka puts on the finishing touches by marrying calligraphy to image.

We're excited to announce the return of a longtime favorite feature, "Haiku This Haiga". Mary has contributed two sumi-e paintings. The challenge is that both are abstract doodles. See where the inspiration takes you! Write a haiku for each or either, and send it to us.

If your haiku is chosen among all the submissions, it will be turned into a haiga by our resident team and featured in our September 2017 issue.


Sumi-e Doodle #1

Sumi-e Doodle #2

The deadline for submissions is
1 July 2017.

Email your haiku to me at the following address with 'haiku this haiga' as your subject heading. Do specify which doodle you're poeming!.

paplinda [at] yahoo [dot] com