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Many thanks to the authors and artists
who have lent us their work for this issue.


  • Blessmond A. Ayinbire, GH
  • Jesus Chameleon, GU
  • Elizabeth Crocket, CA
  • Jim Force (Nika), CA
  • Colleen Force, CA
  • Nicole Girodat, CA
  • Autumn N. Hall, US
  • John Hawkhead, UK
  • David J. Kelly, IE
  • Lavana Kray, RO
  • Jim McKinniss, US
  • Linda Papanicolaou, US
  • Joan Prefontaine, US
  • Adelaide B. Shaw, US
  • Debbie Strange, CA
  • Angela Terry, US
  • Jan Turner, US
  • Anita Virgil, US
  • Jim Webster, CA