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Art Haiga by Emily Romano

Emily has been writing and publishing haiku for more than forty-five years—at this point more than 6000 of her poems have appeared in print. She has won numerous awards and has pubished twenty chapbooks. She has been a contributor to Daily Haiga, Lynx and Sketchbook, as well as here at Haigaonline where she's currently exhibiting in our current New Year's 2016 Gallery.

Not long after the Gallery came online, Emily sent me another haiga, this one created with Bomomo. It is a Flash-based art application offering twenty dynamic brushes to compose images that can be saved to your computer. Free associate, see what the abstraction reminds you of, and add post processing as Emily has done to turn it into a haiga.

Bomomo is one of my favorite online art making apps, and I've always enjoyed the creative wit Emily brings to the haiga she creates with it. If you're inspired, click on the link and begin drawing when the cursor chasers appear. It's intuitive, though if you feel you'd like to know more before you dive in, a how-to website, a YouTube tutorial, and a Flickr gallery will show you the possibilities.

In addition, Emily has sent us three more haiga, created with painting and digital post-processing. Enjoy!