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Poem This Painting by Mary E. Rodning

"Haiku this Haiga", inviting readers to poem one of Mary's paintings, was introduced to Haigaonline by an'ya. We haven't done this in a while, but since this issue is devoted to ekphrasis, it seemed appropriate to revive an old tradition.

We're handling things a little differently this time, though. I've asked Mary for an image that might to longer and different kinds of texts. Of those she sent me this one seemed particularly intriguing in the way it seemed to open for storytelling or narrative—longer texts that offer more scope for developing an ekphrastic response.

So this time, we're soliciting poems in the form of short haibun or tanka prose.

If you aren't sure where to begin, you may find it useful to work from some of the prompts discussed in the Feature article.


Click on this intermediate image to open a full-sized image of Mary's painting.

Please note: I'm looking forward to this opportunity to explore other kinds of poems with Mary's painting, but the chosen submission cannot be given our usual full Traditional Haga treatment: it's just not feasible to ask Hiromi, Shisen and Jasminka for translation, calligraphy, and placement in the image. We'll present it with the image, side-by-side, as we have published the ekphrastic poems in this issue.

How to submit: Please read and follow the directions on this issue's Submissions page.

The deadline for submission is 1 February 2016.