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"Places In The Heart"
by Ferris Gilli and Ron C. Moss

Ferris Gilli:

For this endeavor, Ron and I drew from life experiences and places in the heart. In six different collaborations, our linked poems reflect our very humanness in relation to nature and spiritual connections to nature. Ron’s expressive writing encourages me to stretch my boundaries, and his interpretation of our words through his art continues to surprise and delight me.

Ron C. Moss:

Collaborating with Ferris is always a joy which brings a kaleidoscope of imagery that is both vivid and tactile to the senses. As an artist I get to visualize some of the wonderful imagery in these poems and bring them to life with design and illustration. I'm always inspired by Ferris's use of language and writing with her helps in many ways to enlighten my world.

01_Smudge Of Cloud
1. Smudge Of Cloud

2. Until
03_Slow Curve
3. Slow Curve
04_Under The Stars
4. Under The Stars
05_Between The Pages
5. Between The Pages

6. Water

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