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9. Imagine a story behind what you see depicted in the piece.


Are You. . .

Mother's in the kitchen. Having finished the dusting she told me to do, I'm in her room, lingering at the vanity. This is the1950s and we live in a small town. I know about movie stars like Marilyn Monroe but I'm not old enough to go to her pictures. What I've learned about makeup is through Mother. Usually she likes pink and soft coral lipsticks, but this morning there’s a new tube: a sleek gilded case with a Revlon label. Gingerly I slip off its cover, twist, and gaze in fascination as a lustrous tip of concentrated scarlet rises from its sheath.

the shape of a kiss
on white facial tissue
. . . fire and ice


Wayne Thiebaud (1920-)
"Lipsticks", 1964
Photo source: Christies auction catalog, 13 May 2009