Table of Contents

Many thanks to the following
authors and artists
who have lent us their work:

  • Jesus Chameleon, PH
  • Chris Dominiczak , UK
  • Andrea Eldredge, US
  • Terri H. French, US
  • Ferris Gilli, US
  • Autumn N. Hall, US
  • Lavana Kray, RO
  • Beth McFarland, DE
  • Ron C. Moss, AU
  • Linda Papanicolaou, US
  • Mary E. Rodning, US
  • Djurdja Rozic, HR
  • Ken Sawitri, ID
  • Shloka Shankar, IN
  • Adelaide B. Shaw, US
  • Irena Iris Szewczyk, PL
  • Logan Tanner, US
  • Maureen Virchau, US
  • Anita Virgil, US


The graphics for this issue are based on the prints of Ohara Koson (1877-1945). Here are a few resources for this wonderful artist: