A Handful of Dust
by Shloka Shankar

Artist's Statement

I was introduced to found poetry as a whole new genre, thanks to Ed Bremson. He taught me the basics of erasures and black out poetry, and I started playing around with a few texts. I loved the idea of erasing texts to form a new poem that was wholly mine in terms of emotion and sensibility. Found haiku and tanka were not “found” with that particular intention, but I was glad when a text lent itself to a possible haiku or a free-form tanka. I started posting my erasures on Facebook, and learned a lot from the feedback I received for my work. Johannes S. H. Bjerg sent me an article on found poetry, and that further piqued my interest in these various found poetry techniques. The poems that have been chosen for these erasures were far from deliberate. I choose random poems and read through them to see if I can find my voice in there somewhere. Johannes told me about Pia Tafdrup, and I looked for her poems online. So while I chanced upon most texts, the others were those that had resonated with me in the past.



Table of Contents