Violette Rose-Jones

Violette Rose-Jones lives in Australia, She is a graduate student at Southern Cross University and is married with a teenage son and five possessive female mice. A widely published author (her flash fiction piece, "A Light Snack After Dinner" was nominated for a Ditmar Award in 2011), she has particular interest in Japanese-form poetry, especially the illustrated forms. Her haiga have appeared in Modern Haiga, Daily Haiga, and here at Haigaonline. In March 2013 she was guest columnist for Gean Tree Press's Haiku Matters, where she posted a series of very useful blog entries on haiga and photo haiga.

Of the three pieces here she writes,

"These visual tanka were challenging, each representing an incident where I had to acquire a new skill in regards to digital imaging. The morning glory required complex layering to get the light in the image right, for the white oleander I had to learn to shape words and had additional issues getting the painting right—it required more than five attempts—and the lace cuff challenged me to make the proverbial silk purse out of a pigs ear. The white oleander was especially challenging from the point of view of the text. It took three days to get it right. Sometimes making these things is just a chance to wallow in beautiful things and I have got to say this was the case with the two floral works. The images came first with them, sat there and begged me to do some thing with them. . . "

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