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  • Jesus Chameleon, MP
  • Carlos Colon, US
  • Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic, RS
  • Robert Epstein, US
  • Joann Grisetti, US
  • Peggy Heinrich, US
  • Hiromi Inoue, JP
  • Barbara Kaufmann, US
  • Beth McFarland, DE
  • Linda Papanicolaou, US
  • Violette Rose jones, AU
  • Mary E. Rodning, US
  • Pablo San Blaz, MP
  • Ernesto P. Santiago, PH
  • Ken Sawitri, ID
  • Seiso (Paul Cooper), US
  • Shloka Shankar, IN
  • Shisen, JP
  • Debbie Strange, CA
  • Anita Virgil. US
  • Julie Warther, US


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