to the following authors and artists who
have supported Haigaonline by sending
us their creative endeavors:

  • Asni Amin, SG
  • Ramesh Anand, IN
  • Rosanna Babcock, US
  • Willie R. Bongcaron, PH
  • Pris Campbell, US
  • Neelam Dadhwal, IN
  • Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic, RS
  • Garry Gay, US
  • Beverley George, AU
  • Ferris Gilli, US
  • Joyce S. Greene, US
  • Laura Hill, CA
  • Judit Katalin Holl√≥s, HU
  • Hiromi Inoue, JP
  • Sriram Janak, IN
  • Silvia Kempen, DE
  • Mariko Kitakubo, JP
  • Lavana Kray, RO
  • Beth McFarland, DE
  • Fonda Bell Miller, US
  • Shanna Baldwin Moore, US
  • Ron Moss, AU
  • Rita Odeh, IL
  • Renée Owen, IS
  • Pravat Kumar Padhy, IN
  • Linda Papanicolaou, US
  • Sally Pearce, US
  • Mary E. Rodning, US
  • Alexis Rotella, US
  • Ernesto P. Santiago, PH
  • Ken Sawitri, ID
  • Seiso (Paul Cooper), US
  • Adelaide B. Shaw, US
  • Shisen, JP
  • Irena Iris Szewczyk, PL
  • Barbara Ann Taylor, AU
  • Christine L. Villa, US
  • Anita Virgil. US
  • Julie Warther, US

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