From Kala and her daughter Bhavani comes this Powerpoint Presentation of Kala's haiku with visuals by her daughter Bhavani. Kala recommends that you view it in "slideshow" mode so you can see the transitions. Click here to download the file.
Publication credits for the haiku
  • running downhill: Roadrunner Haiku Journal 20,07 Issue VII:2
  • star counting: frogpond, Fall issue 2010
  • morning raga: Shreve Memorial Library's Electronic Poetry Network, July 2010
  • dense fog: The Heron’s Nest ,Volume XI, Number 2: June, 2009
  • mountain bridge: 1st place - The 5th Annual Poets' Choice Kukai Results, 2007
  • the pause: The Heron's Nest, June 2011
  • sepals around a bud: Sharpening the Pencil, Apr 2012
  • dripping mist: Bottle Rockets, August 2005
  • winter loneliness: Bottle Rockets, Fall 06
  • waiting: Notes From the Gean, Issue #1 June 2009
  • spring carnival: Haiku Harvest, Spring 06
  • the ocean: Modern Haiku, Autumn 2012, 43:3
  • thunder: Presence Haiku journal, Issue # 46 – Summer 2012
  • the wind howling: Tiny words, June 2010
  • harvesting grapes:- Magnapoets, January print edition 2009

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