Our Blossom Challenge

How could we not herald our first issue of the new publication schedule by calling for "blossoms" for our Challenge theme? Kudos to everyone who responded to the challenge for this issue, because our change of publication schedule meant a full quarter-year's less lead time and people may have gotten caught without an image on hand. The solutions that everyone found are creative. We hope you enjoy them.

01-Christine L. VIlla
Christine L. VIlla
02-Andrea Eldridge
Andrea Eldridge
03-Beth Mcfarland
Beth Mcfarland
04-Autumn Hall
Autumn Hall
05- Ed Baker
Ed Baker
06-Alexis Rotella
Alexis Rotella
07-Ernesto P Santiago
Ernesto P Santiago
08-Ferris Gilli
Ferris Gilli
09-Judit Katalin Hollos
Judit Katalin Hollos
11-Laura Hill
Laura Hill
12-Ed Bremson
Ed Bremson
13-Pravat Kumar Padhy
Pravat Kumar Padhy
14-Heike Gewi
Heike Gewi
15-Mary Sella
Mary Sella

For our Autumn issue, the Challenge will be The Moon!
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