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Originally from Omagh, Co. Tyrone in Ireland, where she studied at Queens University in Belfast, Beth is now an English teacher, living since the early 1990s around Karlsruhe near the Black Forest region of Germany. Her introduction to haiku came during a visit to her twin sister in Scotland, New Year's 2011:

"We came across some haiku in the local paper. I always knew that I wanted to write, but didn't know what to write up to that point. It was suddenly clear that haiku were my thing. I have always painted, and so the two activities have come together naturally."

Although "a relatively recent convert" to haiga, she has quickly established a signature style: inkbrush painting with touches of watercolor, imagery that often features the trees and flowers of her regional landscape, and autograph lettering of the poem text. She has been published in Daily Haiga, the Contemporary Artists page of the Green Leaf Files, and A Hundred Gourds.

We hope you enjoy this portfolio she has given us for Haigaonline.