As linked form, haiga achieves its fullness when it's a dialogue of artistic voices, and something special always seems to happen when these voices share a family relationship. Many thanks to everyone who responded. The response to our haiga challenge has been wonderful this time, so rather than confront you with a page of forty-four thumbnails, we've grouped submissions into portfolios. Click on each thumbnail to enjoy the work of each family team.

Pris Campbell and Steve Clunk
Pris Campbell
Steve Clunk
Susan and Dave Constable
Susan Constable
Dave Constable
Mary and Sean Davila
Mary Davila
Sean Davila
Cherie Huner Day and Stefanie Lamb
Cherie Hunter Day
Stefanie Lamb
Terri and Raymond French
Terri L. French
Raymond French
Anne-Marie Glasheen
Chloë-Marie Glasheen
Judi Hall, Don Hall, and Brenda Clayton
Judi Hall, Don Hall
Brenda Mellsen
Clayton Mellsen
Patricia and John Hawkhead
Patricia Hawkhead
John Hawkhead
Diane Mayr
Jesse Mayr
Dorota Pyra and Nicole Nurzynska
Dorota Pyra
Nicole Nurzynska
Carol Raisfeld and Debbie Ramey
Carol Raisfeld
Debbie Ramey

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The deadline will be 30 April, 2011.



Emily Romano, Jan Turner and Margaret Smith
Emily Romano
Jan Turner
Margaret Smith
Jeffrey and Mitsuko Tuthill
Jeffrey Tuthill
Mitsuko Tuthill