Haigaonline accepts open submissions for our "Haiku this Haiga" feature in the Traditional Haiga section, and for our "Challenges" in the Contemporary Haiga section.


In this feature, we offer a painting by Mary Rodning for our readers to try their hand at poeming. The selected haiku will receive our full Traditional Haiga treatment: translation into Japanese by Hiromi Inoue, calligraphy by Shisen, assembly into a haiga by Jasminka Djordjevic, and a musical setting by Choshi.

Look for the results of our December 2009 Haiku this Haiga, and a new painting, in the December 2010 issue.


In our next Haiga Challenge, we'll revive an old tradition here at Haigaonline: Family Haiga! There's something special about collaborative haiga when the participants are family members: husband and wife, parent and child, brothers/sisters, grandparents, cousins--is there someone in your life who's a kindred spirit, whom you might ask to join you in creating a haiga for our December issue?

The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2010. You may submit as many as you like. Include "Haigaonline--Family Haiga Challenge" in your subject line and mail to paplinda@yahoo.com.


All submissions to our Haiku this Haiga and Haiga Challenge features must be the work of the submitting author/artist. It must unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. This includes not only publication in online and print journals but also works displayed where others can access them on personal web pages, online photo albums, blogs, and at online workshop groups and forums.

Copyright to all work published by Haigaonline is held by the artists and authors. Nothing in the issue may be copied, reproduced or republished without their written permission. Artists and authors are free to republish work when the issue is no longer current, but agree as a condition of acceptance to credit Haigaonline as the first place of publication.

Haigaonline does not pay authors for works accepted for publication. We reserve future right to republish all items from our website in digital, hard copy or CD format. This may include promotional materials for the issue, e-cards, or an annual yearbook or calendar.

If you have an interesting haiga project or article in process that you think might interest us, we'd love to hear about it. Send all submissions and letters of inquiry to the editor, paplinda@yahoo.com. Include "Haigaonline " in your subject heading.