. . . for the December 2010 issue:

We have a new painting by Mary in the Traditional section. Send us a haiku for it—the chosen haiku will be featured our December 2010 issue.

Include "Haigaonline--Haiku this Haiga" in your subject line and mail to The deadline for submissions is 22 March 2010.


. . . for the June 2010 issue:

What did you sing when you were young? Usually I give you a selection of kigo to jumpstart your creativity, but this time there don't seem to be any. My suggestion is to look through the humanity/daily life/observances sections of your saijiki and write the songs you remember from those associations. While you're thinking, be sure to search for 'songs' on Gabi's ever-growing list of haiku topics on the WorldKigo Database.

For me, preparing the topic for one of our challenges is always a personal journey. Browsing on the wider web, I found "Kids Songs Around the World" at Mama Lisa's World, which has many I used to know— as I've learned from Wikipedia and elsewhere, many can be traced to the eighteenth century and even before. More than that I won't say right now--what we want is that you write your own memory and experience. Let us hear of the neighborhood where you grew up: cradle songs, counting songs, the tuneless chants of hopscotch and jump rope, scout camp and campfire songs, songs that were popular at an important moment in your life . . . Let's explore all possibilities, and go where the spirit takes us.

Haiga for this challenge may be any season, not just what's current for you now. Senryu are okay too, as well as tanka and sijo, which are, after all, poetry of song. The image may be in your choice of techniques: scanned original art, digital art, photography, etc. Song may figure in the text and/or the image, but it's worth remembering that the art of haiga depends on an open, multilayered relationship between the parts.

The deadline for submissions is 31 April, 2010. You may submit as many as you like. Include "Haigaonline--Song Challenge" in your subject line and mail to


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