Found images can be a wonderful inspiration for haiga, and an especially fruitful source of inspiration may be discovered in some of the interactive art sites that are proliferating online. Often, the result is a fine poem that would not otherwise have come into being. In our last issue, we devoted the Workshop section to haiga made with images captured from online interactive games and widgets, and invited readers to send us their efforts. Enjoy! And if you'd like to try some yourself, the names of the games are hyperlinked to the sites.


The National Gallery Kids' Art Zone is rich in image making games and activities. Manoj Saranathan sent us four evocative haiga in the style of Henri Rousseau, made with Jungle, and one haiga with Still Life. . . 01 02


. . . while from Mary Davila we have this airy abstract created with the BRUSHster.


Since our last issue, we've discovered three more sites that are rich in possibilities. One is this vector drawing program by, which inspired Emily, Jan and Sandy to explore its many possibilities.

Emily Romano

Sandy Vrooman
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Jan Turner
16 17
We've also found a javascript drawing toy by Nikolai Kordulla and Philipp Lenssen. It has a variety of tools for generating abstract designs, as well as a high-quality saving function that produces png files with transparent backgrounds that can are at their best when post-processed in Photoshop. Have fun! Here's just one of my own, without the haiku so you can envision poeming it. 20

Finally, Shanna Baldwin Moore used this site in a haiga she posted at WHChaikumultimedia, and we pounced on it immediately. The special feature of this program is its ability to handle radial and reflective symmetry. Your drawings are instantly turned into kaleidoscopes, and you can play with the number of sides. The site also has the capaability to save your images as high quality png's, from which format it's easy to open the file for post-processing in your photo editor. Here are four of the haiga we made; the full set is on the WHChmm pages at Carol Raisfeld's Haikubuds website.

Carol Raisfeld

Jim Swift
Linda Papanicolaou
(Gary Barnes)