Haiga Workshop: p. 2


These are interactive sites—some of them with non-profit 'org' suffixes, and several with the capability to print out your work. ArtPad, Push and Pull, and Mondrimat have been used by teachers, while Mr. Picassohead was even designed as an exercise in viral marketing (which means that they want you to spread it around). While it is probably okay publish your haiga, it would be inappropriate to sell or otherwise profit from work made with these sites. Always cite your source and credit the authors of the software. Consult the copyright information on each site, and if you're still in doubt, write for permission to publish.

As a rule, Haigaonline's policy is not to link externally. We've done so now to help you try out the sites, but we will not be maintaining the links once this issue is past current. If you're doing this with children, you may want to preview the public galleries at ArtPad and Mr. Picassohead for age-inappropriate images.


"Case Study, Mr. Picassohead: Empowering Millions of Internet Picassos,"on the Ruder·Finn website (2009)
More of Lia's art may be seen on her sites, Turux (1997-2001) and Strange Things Happen (2009)
Matisse and Graffiti Artist may be downloaded from Widgetbox for installation as widgets on your blog, site or Facebook account. There's also an improved version of Pollock that can be tested on the Widgetbos site.
WHChaikumultimedia's exercises are displayed on Carol Raisfeld's Haikubuds site. Among them are haiga using the ArtPad, Push and Pull, and Mr. PicassoHead.
If you don't already have it, you will need to download Adobe's free Shockwave Player.
A Wacom tablet may be useful for the Pollock, which is difficult to control at best, but only a mouse or touch pad is necessary for any of the games.
The Art Pad allows full integration of a haiku into the image; Mr. Picasso has minimal text capability; for all the others, you will have to pick up your image with Photoshop, etc. and add the haiku in post-processing.
If the site provides for printing, print your finished design to a file if you can (Macs, for instance, can print to a pdf). This will give you the best size and resolution. Otherwise, you must screen capture.