Haiga Workshop


The Artist's Toolkit, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Explore the Elements and Principles of design by placing, resizing, rotating and coloring simple lines and shapes to create a picture. Finished designs may be printed out.
Matisse Artist Widget by Abrakadoodle Art

Place, resize and rotate shapes in the style of cutouts by Henri Matisse.

Mr. Picassohead
by Ruder·Finn

Inspired by the old children's toy Mr. Potatohead, this game has you working with motifs in the cubist style of Pablo Picasso. Designs may be archived and the link emailed, but the site has no print feature.

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas

This well-known site is a real challenge. It's hard to control and you'll have to be quick with the screen capture, but it's worth it if you get a good image.

Push and Pull, by PBS


Designed for a Public Broadcasting System special on abstract expressionist painter Hans Hofmann, this game is like a coloring book page for experimenting with colors. When printed out, the images are richly nuanced and manipulate well.

Graffiti Artist Widget by Abrakadoodle Art
Similar to the Matisse Artist widget, here you compose pictures in the style of Keith Haring.

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