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My newest chapbook, A Shift In Time...Mystic Places Revisited will be off the press soon at Shadow Poetry: The chapbook's cover art will carry the same image as 'point of light'. It is an original acrylic painting of mine, done on a 12x12 canvas block. Being a Reiki Master, I became interested in painting the chakra designs, incorporating my own interpretations while maintaining some of their original Vedic structure. My intent: to create motion with layers of depth perception, color variance, shading and other techniques, so that they appear to be living, breathing energy centers, pulsating in and out right there on the canvas, and a healing source for the onlooker. This particular art is a rendition of Chakra #2 - Svadhistana. It is in this chakra that one begins to realize his individuality, and the presence of a higher consciousness.

In the haiga, the words 'point of light' appear to be in front of the design, although in a mid-spatial position, using the same color as the center point of the design to draw the eye inward, while the bottom two lines of the haiku in the darker print are in the closest foreground. Thus, the layered lettering works with the layered design to pull the eye inward, to the center of the design and towards the 'point of light'.