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In 'Wheels of light', the first line being the base color for the letters in the vertical orientation, while the horizontal lines change color as they travel across the human form, taking on the solidity/reflection of the human form, and as they hit the white space intermittently they revert back to the purple shade of the base color in the vertical lettering. This depicts another form of typographical spatial play, if you will, and the accentuation of the white space adds to the ethereal content. Even the 'v' in seven, takes on the reflection/character of the color it 'crosses over'. The metaphysical suggestion is that of recognizing the body in space as a grounded, solid element, but even the grounded body responds to the wheels of light (chakras) as the letter 'v' indicates, allowing the soul (mentioned in line 3 of the haiku) to ascend from the physical body.