Mary Rodning: resident traditional haiga artist
location: Georgia, USA


Favorite recognitions

~~~being with the first American group to study at the
'Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts,' Hangzhou, Peoples' Republic of China in 1984

~~~ first and sixth president of the Shibui Chapter of the Sumi-e Society of America

~~~1987 'Calligraphy Show of Master Takyu' in Fukushima Ken, Japan

~~~honorable mention 1988, 1997, merit award 1999, and first place in 1989,1992, 1994, in the 'Fall Juried Show of the Mobile Art Assocaition'

~~~illustrator of Elan Vital and Papering Dreams, poetry books by my husband

~~~honorable mention in the 1993, and 1999, 'Dauphin Way Biennial Religious Show'

~~~have shown in the annual 'Juried Sumi-e Society of America' 1985 through the present, awarded the Daniel Smith Merchandise prize at the 1997 exhibition, the Non-traditional Calligraphy Award, 1998 exhibition, Tesshin Sasake award for ink painting, 2000 exhibition

~~~invited to show in the 1989 - 1999, 'Best of Mobile Show' at the Mobile Museum of Art, awarded second place 1998

~~~invited to perform at the 'Mobile First Night' 1992 - 1999, and 2001 chairperson for the 'Hands-on-Art', 'Mobile International Festival', 1996, theme-calligraphy; 2000, theme-masks, and 2002, theme-printing

~~~invited to show in the 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2002 'International Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition' in New Jersey, California, Connecticut and Seoul, South Korea, Newark and Taipei, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon

~~~Director's Award at the 1998 'Southern Drawl Show' at the University of Mobile

~~~invited with Chuck to show in the 'Two x Two', 2002 show at the Downtown Mobile Museum of Art Gallery

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