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   the 'bare branches' issue
                 happy equinox and merry solstice!
                       from our whole staff at

By now, you've all most likely noticed that our spring/summer issues are in brilliant colours and busy patterns, as opposed to our autumn/winter issues which are in a more traditional style of black and white.  I would like to share with you a beautiful excerpt from an email we received from one of our readers in Canada:

"I came across the following the other day, tucked in a book.  I had written it off the top of my head one day a couple of years ago for no particular reason.

The White LIght is pure not only in that there are no flaws or impurities therein, but because white is a synthesis of all colors - all of which must be represented together in balance, attaining a UNITY of BEING - a Wholeness of Consciousness.

As I read this again, I suddenly thought of your upcoming issue of
haigaonline, in which you are presenting the visuals in a black and white/sumi-e type format - and though originally, I had expectations of everything in color, suddenly - Yes! your new version made beautiful sense to me!  Black and LIGHT!  "It is our Gift of the Spirit which we receive at one of the Stations along our Longest Journey." -- Melissa Dixon

haigaonline is an international website, and once again we bring to you, our choices of accomplished haijin this time from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, England, Slovenia, India, Germany, Serbia, Japan, Belgium, Ireland, and Mexico.

Every traditional haiga is created by our multi-talented team
of resident staff artisans who paint (Mary Rodning), then
translate (Hiromi Inoue), plus add calligraphy (Shisen), in which case, our co-editor (Jasminka) puts on the finishing touches by marrying-together each honoured guests chosen haiku
. . . and even after all this coordinating, my task has barely begun.  This issue, we've joyfully added a new resident musician to our staff!

In addition, we give you innovative contemporar
y haiga from other exceptional artists, as well as the opportunity to submit your own haiku (by email) for 'poem this painting No. 4'.

Featured in this
haigaonline for our experimental presentation, we are pleased to introduce an old-fashioned concept combined with a modernistic expression of haiga by a female haijin on the scene.

Again, we have included our 'family' section, our 'haiku friends' section, and our popular 'young haijin' section, plus added a 'tanka section' as well.

One notable change in this issue is that our current haiku contest will now be via email/paypal, thus making it much more convenient for international entrants.

We also have a short essay on haiga (with a little different twist) by 'yours truly'

2003 volume IV     autumn/winter
an'ya - editor
       publisher -
the natal *light press
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