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                      COMPLETE BIOGRAPHY TO DATE for an'ya

haigo (nom de plume) 'an'ya', loosely translated, means 'a peaceful light in the moonless night'.  an'ya is of Serbian/American heritage, and keeps a (non so anchoritical lifestyle now) in Oregon, USA. This published haijin previously taught Balkan dance troupes, was a former Nascar-track trophy girl, Slavic foods caterer, and a pre-school teacher  She is currently the Director/Editor of 'beginners' for the 'World Haiku Club', a co-editor for 'Haiku Moments', Jugoslavia, and the editor-in-chief of haigaonline, newsletter editor for the Tanka Society of America, found and President of the Oregon haiku and tanka Society..

has been printed in numerous publications such as 'still, Presence, the Heron's Nest, Frogpond, Haiku Informator, Paun, The Mie Times, Lenti Casi, Serb World Magazine, Listak, Poet's International, Haiku Pismo, Midwest Poetry Review, Haiku Novine, Potpourri, Haiku Kalendar, A-bomb Pamphlet, Northwest Ethnic Voice, Zonark, Blithe Spirit, The Still Horizon, SxSE, In Buddha's Temple, Ashiya booklet, the shell, Haiku Moments, bottle rockets, Tundra, Woodpecker, acorn, Ljubicica (the Violet), Kokako, SP Quill Magazine,'etc.

She has also been published in many anthologies such as: 'the National League of American Pen Women/to find the words, Redmoon's/a Glimpse of Red, New Zealand Poetry Society/an Exchange of Gifts, The Last Verse/Georgian Blue Poetry Society,
Srbobran Literary Supplement, the Freedom Haiku, National League of American Pen Women/Palomar Showcase, Wie schnee von Gestern, Penumbra chapbook, seasons of a Grasshopper, North American Tanka Anthology, Paper Wasp, New Zealand Poetry Society/the whole wide world, Winner's Works/the English Tanka & Haiku Japan Society on Water Environment, Zbornik Haiku Konkurs "AN3", boat harbor/the paper wasp jack stamm haiku anthology, Starfish, Sweeping Leaves/Herb Barrett Award International Haiku Anthology, Up Against the Window/American Haibun & Haiga, Countless Leaves/Canada, The Road between Mountains, an wolken angelegi, Wild Flowers, New Leaves, a collection of world haiku', etc.

an'ya has also won quite a few contests such as: 'placing in the Heron's Nest Valentine's Award (2 years), Yellow Moon competition numerous times, New Zealand Poetry Society International Poetry competition several times, A-bomb competition, Ocean Day Kukai, Presence contest, J.W. Hackett Award for the British Haiku Society, Haiku World Kukai, still competition numerous times, Ludbreg Croatian contest, Midwest Poetry Review competition (2 times), World Haiku Forum Shiki Competition, Florida Poet's Association contest, World Haiku Forum Internet Hatsu-kukai, Tanka Splendor competition (twice), In Buddha's Temple contest, Kaji Aso Studio International Haiku Award, numerous Shiki & Shiki-temp bi-weekly kukai, World Haiku Club New Year's double kukai, Virtual Dogo Ginko Tour contest, the World Haiku Feburary/March kukai 1999, the ASHIYA second International Haiku Festa, Surgu Baika Literary competition, Konkor haiku contest, World Haiku Club autumn ginko festival, the Second Takashi Kukai, Ocean Day kukai, World Haiku Club Florida ginko, World Haiku Club tournament, 1st WHC webWORKS kukai, Itzy Bitzy Wing Ding Competition, the Wildwalk Photo-haiku kukai, Oku-no-Hosomichi Internet kukai, winner of the Permafrost haiku contest University of Alaska Fairbanks,' and others.

In addition,
an'ya has been published in many online journals over and over such as: HASEE, World Haiku Club Review, Moments, hortensia's homestead, Lynx, the Outch Tree, Poetry in the Light, Women on Writing, Sijo Blossoms, The Wordshop, HAIGA ONLINE, Kuni's Haiga Gallery, Chiyo's Corner, Borders & Time, the Worldwide Ginko Collection, aha poetry, The Intercultural Platform/global, Writer's Muse, The Poet's Porch, Shreve Memorial Library Electronic Message Board, Writer's Hood, Flowing Haiku, Poet's Hut, Autumn Leaves, Haiku Moments, still, Miraggi, The Charnwood Project, In Buddhas Temple, Interactive Photo-Haiku, Japan Design Works, rayswebhaiku, Adeezine, Free Times/Tempslibres, dior, WHA Poet's website, Ty Hadman's Poet's Profile at aha poetry, Haiku Dawn, the Artweb, Haiku Harvest, LCyPress, Haiku Cycles, Tenaj's webtv, Ten Green Bottles, Asahi Evening News, Haikuist Network, Tom Clausen's/Mann Library werbsite, haijinx, nightingale, the haiku wall, Summer Evenings/Slovenia, dew-on-line, rayswebhaibun, waterblossoms, artist Peter Miller's website, WebWorks gallery, Susumu's traditional School, Treetops, Stylus', Gabriel Rosenstock's 'Enlightenment' series in the WHCReview', Simply Haiku, SoftStrokes, FullMoon, Bepcuu , sijowest, etc.

an'ya's haiku has been translated into the Serbian language by Zoran Doderovic', Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic', and Dimitar Anakiev, as well as translated into the 'Oriya' language by Auswini Kumar Mishra, Secretary of the 'Orissa Sahitya Aka Demi Museum' in India, and into German by Ingo Cesaro, and into French as well.

She has completed collaborations with Connie Johnson (owner of ' Zephyr Symphony Windchimes'/Arizona), which are called
'haiku in motion', and consists of her haiku hand-painted onto beautiful cut glass chimes. an'ya has also colloborated with Kuniharu Shimizu from Japan numerous times ie, her haiku, and  his computer graphic haiga.  an'ya participated and placed in the World Haiku Club Tournament.  She has also collaborated  with b'oki, Prof. Ivan Kolaric', Dr. Angelee Deodhar, Pamela Babusci, etc. 

has been featured haijin at 'ahapoetry', in the 'Poet's Profile' by Ty Hadman, and at 'Short Stuff', as  well as being the featured poet of the month in Poet's Internation from  India, and her haiku at the Go-shichi-Go column in the Daily Yomiuri'.  Her work is scheduled to appear in Bruce Kennedy's dog and cat Anthology (artwork by Patrick McDonald of 'Mutts comic strip), and in Taboo haiku anthology.  She was featured in the 'American Srbobran', as a 'prominent Serbian Author in America', a column written by Vasa Mihalovich. 

has written linked sijo with Elizabeth St Jacques, and has composed rengay/renku with Kirsty Karkow, Hortensia Anderson, Michael Dylan Welch, J. Marcus Weekly, Alexis Rotella, Mary Angela Nangini, Sheila Windsor, John Wisdom, Carmen Sterba, Maria Steyn, Jasminka Nadaskic Djorjevic, Kris Kondo, Juanito Escareal, tenzing, chibi, Gary Steinberg, Gary Blankenship, Richard St.,Clair, Allen McGill, Ron Moss, Gene Murtha, Max Vernhart, and her daughter larisa, etc. She's also collaborated on haiga/haiku recently with Ed Baker .

an'ya also has won awards and honours, and had published, her other short poetry, such as sijo, cinquain, haibun, and tanka, as well as her epic poetry, which can be seen online at Perunika.com (under Andja Petrovic').

Now out, is
an'ya's book 'moonless night', as well as her book with Ernest Berry, 'haiku wine', and her book collaboration with four top male haijin from the Balkans ie: Dragan Ristic, Zoran Doderovic.'

She is a member of the 'Haiku Society of America, the 'British Haiku Society', 'Haiku Oz', 'Aleksander Negebauer Haiku
Klub', the 'Haiku Club of Slovenia', the 'Tanka Society of America', the "World Haiku Association, and the World Haiku Club.

an'ya has written tribute haiku for the late 'Bob Speiss, Keiko Imaoka, John Crook, plus a living tribute to Ferris Gilli, and haiku for Susumu Takiguchi's 2 online birthday cards and numerous other birthday haiku cards, plus did the haiga cover for Robert Wilson's card, World Haiku Club e-z cards, etc.

She has judged numerous contests ie; Yellow Moon,  numerous WHC including the latest LA Fenice in Venice ONLINE KUKAI, HSA,, etc.

an'ya's book 'haiku for a moonless night' recently won second place at the Merit Book Awards 2004, Haiku Society of America.

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