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So how does a "gearhead" get involved with a haiga/haiku website ?

'Jeepete' sez  "being married to, and (after 34 years), still living with an'ya.

but seriously, 'Jeepete' aka 'Petar' in his own right is a true poet himself, only not with words (although he has written some terrific poems in his lifetime), but his real passion is engines.  Engines of all types and all sizes.  From jeep size to engines so big that they needed catwalks around them.  Back in the 60's Petar was a Service Rep. for Dresser Industries, in the 70's he taught instructor methodology classes at Bowling Green State University , later, Petar was a port engineer for 'Starkist'  foods , during the 80's, a Service Manager for Cummins Diesel,  then he assisted designing and assembling the solar system atop the Honeywell building in Minneapolis, rebuilt a cruise ship in Florida, and later, started a prototype for 'fisheries development' in the Caribbean, was a Machinist for a tug boat company, and even ran a catering company (his other love is cooking),  now in 2000, has gone back to his very first love of restoring and racing 'street-rods'.