Jadran Zalokar

I was born on July 29, 1947 in Slovenia. I am a doctor of philosophic sciences, and my theme of disertation was "Arthur Schopenhauer' and the problems of contemporary philosophy.'  I am a  spiritual teacher of Zen and tantra, a haijin (haiku poet), and artist painter. In Rijeka from 1990, I inagurated the thinking of planetary polilog, and from that time, maintained lessons about spiritual themes.

In a collection of lessons in 2000,
and in 2001, I maintained lessons about basic meaning characters of spirituality of the 3rd millenium.  As a haiku poet, I have been published in Croatia and the world, plus won international contests.  I have been included in world haiku anthologies, and have published my haiku collection 'Haiku Time Machine', and 'Smiling Wanderer'; my next collection to be published soon, is 'Rainbow of a Traveller'.  Ten years ago, I painted haiga and illustrated haiku. I am the President of 'Haiku Society-Rijeka.

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