Ivan Kolaric was born in 1952 in Klenje, Serbia.  He graduated from high school in Loznivca, on the 'Faculty of Philosophy' in Belgrade.  He then became master, and then doctor of 'philosophy with etihcs'.

In the beginning of his career,
Kolaric worked as a professor in the gymnasium at  Krupanj (a city in Radjevina).  After his Ph.D., he moved with his family to the city called Uzice, and worked as a university professor, and as the chief of lectureship for philosophy and sociology at the teacher's college.  He lectured 'Philosophy with ethics', and 'Mass Communications' at this institution. 

He was also the associate, and the professor at a couple of other faculties, such as the ones in Belgrade, and in

Currently, he is chief of lectureship for philosophy and sociology, and the lecturer of 'Philosophy and Philosophy of religion' on the faculty of Philosophy in
Pale, Republic of Srpska (Serbia). 

Thus far,
Kolaric has published: a collections of short stories called  "Dar reke Drine' (A gift of the river Drina, 1991), a collection of philosophic essays 'Kristali Osmisljavanja' (The crystals of purposeful thinking, 1996), a monograph 'Sveti Sava Srpski-harizma i mit (St, Sava - the charisma and the myth, 1998).  His best known works are the unique 'Filozofija' (The Philosophy, 1998), 'Filozofska hrestomatija' (Chrestomathy of Philosophy, 2000), 'Filozofsko-leksikon (Philosophical and theological lexicon, 2000), and 'Logika' (The Logic, 2002).

In the preparation for printing are the collection of
Kolaric's haiku poems called 'Vreme tresanja' (The Time of Cherries), and his collection of 111 haibun 'Srpski koloplet'.

Prof. dr. Ivan Kolaric has been published in over 180 articles in numerous Serbian and foreign papers, as well as, in competent literary collections on the subjects of philosophy, sociology, communicatins, pedagogics, psychology, etc.  Many of them are reworded and translated to English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Hindu, Polish, Slovenian, Macedonian, and the Greek languages.

biography written by his son, Milos Kolaric
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