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haigo (haiku pen name) loosely translates to:

'a mermaid on an island, in the middle of the sea'

As artist and poet living in northern Kentucky, b'oki's ambition is to unite her passion for calligraphy and haiku with an old tradition of Japanese woodblock pritmaking called  'Monku Hanga'.  On her renewed pathway, b'oki has twenty years as art director/graphic designer.


the 'Greater Cincinnati Calligrapher's Guild' currently serving as Public Relations chair.

The 'Cincinnati Book Arts Society' at:

The 'Baren Forum Online' at (for more information on the beautiful and specialized technique of 'Moku Hanga'), see:

The 'Carving Consortium, an online group for soft block carving and printmaking at:

b'oki's prayer is to share her 'spark' of life's love to others through her artistic gifts.  Her website is at:
"LETTERS and LEAVES"   (in progress)

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